Win your next election.

Races often come down to a handful of votes.

Candidate who did things the old way.

Candidate who used Voterworkz®

Get a Voterworkz® Report and make those votes yours.

Voterworkz® creates actionable insight better than raw voter history lists. We include voting activity from 2008 through 2018, including our proprietary scoring formulas.

Customized reports are available within hours in a format you can use to create your own sorted reports.

Here’s what you’ll see.

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    Scored and ranked by most active voters.
    Sortable by early voters, most active, race, gender, birthdate, and other combinations.

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    Scored by where most active voters live.
    Scored by most active voters on street.

Great information! It will be immensely helpful. I’ll recommend Voterworkz® to any candidate seeking similar information other than my opponent, of course!Local Office Candidate
Very cool!
Glad that we worked with you.
The voting data has been a tremendous asset!Local School Board Candidate
Two years ago, one of the local city council elections was decided by a mere seven votes. In local elections that already have small turnouts, the margin of victory or defeat can be miniscule. That is where Voterworkz® can help.

Never campaign the same way again.

Spend wisely

Every campaign resource is limited. Voterworkz® reports allow you to use yours as wisely as possible.

Schedule efficiently

Don’t waste time. Schedule walking campaigns, sign placement, mailers, and volunteers.

Focus your efforts

Get your message where you need it. Identify early voters and households with the most engaged voters.

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